How does it work?

Students attending life without school are registered with the State as being privately home schooled by their parents. This is a simple indication to the State that the parents are taking responsibility for the education of their children.

Taking responsibility for their children’s education does not mean that parents need to personally develop curriculum and deliver instruction to them. It does not mean that parents must stay at home and be their children’s teachers. It does mean, however, that parents need to be involved and engaged with their children’s teachers and learning environment.

We accept children for full and half-day attendance at our home base. Here, children have access to space, resources, and instruction. We plan curriculum and deliver instruction in consultation with parents and students.

We strive to create an educational situation that parents, children, and teachers feel is satisfying and worthwhile. We believe that the foundation for this level of satisfaction must be an educational community of children, parents, teachers, and others who honor and practice principles of life long learning. To participate in life without school is to be an active member of that community.

To be more specific, every weekday students come to the life without school home base. Here, they engage in activities and pursuits that are driven by their interests, guided and tempered through their interaction with staff. Activities may take the form of independent exploration, co-learning, or direct instruction. Subject matter includes creative projects, traditional academic studies, and educationally worthwhile recreational pursuits.