We believe Minecraft to be an excellent medium for educational content – especially problem solving and creative expression.

We have two Minecraft servers.

Both servers are family friendly.  Both servers encourage goodness, independence, and cooperation.

Both are “whitelist” servers, which means that every player must be manually added to the server. Neither of our servers is open to the general public.

While we can not monitor the servers all the time, we do keep an eye on things, and we will be responsive to and committed to manage any inappropriate behavior should it occur.

The servers:

Halcyon – This server has two worlds — one in creative mode and one in easy survival mode. Both of these worlds are good for creative building and for learning to play. On this server the “player vs player” function is turned off. Thus, players can not either accidentally or intentionally hurt one another.  We have no age restriction on this server.  This is a good server for solo play, group play with friends, and, hopefully, for parents playing or learning to play with their children.

BENEFICE – This server is dedicated to the BENEFICE Role Play Game.  Here we have three interconnected survival worlds with various purposes and difficulty levels. Because players may come in conflict with “non-player” characters as part of the emerging narrative, this server permits “player vs player” interaction.  For players, the BENEFICE code of goodness, independence, and cooperation remains central. Players should be at least 14 years old to use this server. Players using this server also have access to the forums and features of BENEFICE Headquarters, and are expected to participate in the role play that happens there. 

How to get started with the lifewithoutschool Minecraft servers

Step One: If you don’t already have one, obtain a personal Minecraft account at http://minecraft.net  The account costs about $30. You will need to have a valid email account to link to your Minecraft account. You will need to choose a username for your Minecraft character. (The name should be appropriate for a family-friendly server. You may want to check availability of names at https://namemc.com/ )

Step Two: Subscribe to the lifewithoutschool Minecraft servers. The cost is $10 per month.  Fees go to cover the cost of renting and maintaining the servers, purchasing additional accounts for in-house use, and providing a small stipend to our Minecraft janitorial staff. Payment form is here.

The monthly subscription gives access to both servers for players age 12 and up. Younger players are restricted to the Halcyon server.  After your accounts are established, we will email details about how to access the servers.

We have posted a few Minecraft resources here

Direct questions to: benefice@lifewithoutschool.org