Minecraft Resources

Here are a few text and video resources that might be helpful in explaining the game and/or extending your knowledge of  the vast world of Minecraft.

Text-based Minecraft Resource Sites

The Minecraft Wiki is undoubtedly the single best resource for all things Minecraft. It’s complete, well-organized, and searchable. For beginners, the tutorial section of the Wiki may be especially useful.

How-to Geek has an extensive 15-part series of lessons explaining all aspects of the game. It’s a lot of reading, but well worth the time.  Also, on the same site you will find The Parent’s Guide to Minecraft, a thoughtful and well-written overview of the game.

MineMum is a nice overview site for parents. From the site: “MineMum is a site for families who are new to Minecraft, have a ton of questions and would like to get answers from another parent.”

Some YouTube videos to get you started …

If you need to learn how the mouse and keyboard controls work, the Minecraft Beginner’s Guide by Izezio provides useful instruction. It will show you how to move, how to break and place blocks. Later episodes cover crafting tools, weapons, and armor. The first six episodes seem more useful than the later ones.

Although this series is several years old, pretty much everything in it is still useful and correct. We think is very well done. The series has over 70 episodes. The first few will give you a good start. It’s called Survive and Thrive, and comes from Paul Soares Jr.