No matter how we organize our work, the underlying principles of mutual satisfaction and non-coercive participation must prevail. We are interested in developing and engaging whatever forms make sense to you and to us. Currently, these forms make sense to us:

Unschooling – We offer consulting and support for families adopting an unschooling approach to education. For parents who must work, but who would like to embrace unschooling, we offer a high quality unschooled environment for your consideration.

Classes, workshops, and seminars – We periodically offer academic, creative, and recreational small-group sessions. Groups typically form around interest areas and age levels. Some groups will accommodate curious beginners, and some will require evidence of committed engagement.

Consulting – We offer consulting services for parents and students who are considering educational options outside of traditional schooling.

In all cases, we require an interview and negotiation with parents and students to determine if we can match what we do with what you want.

Initial consultation is free of charge. Use the contact form to begin the conversation.