Here’s our current staff:

Anita Senentz – Anita is a co-founder and current director of lifewithoutschool. She has been involved in alternative education and community building since 1998. She holds a PhD in Special Education, with an emphasis in the Gifted and Talented population. Anita has posted a more detailed statement here.

Bud Wellington – Bud is a co-founder of lifewithoutschool. He has worked in varioius forms of alternative education and community development since 1968. He holds a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction with emphasis in Educational Technology and Gifted and Talented Education. He retired from teaching at UNO in 2012, and now participates in lifewithoutschool in a leisurely way.  Bud has posted a brief professional history here.

Dillon Molnar – Dillon is a former student at lifewithoutschool. He has been actively involved with unschooling since 2008.  His current interests and pursuits include information technology, yoga, Spanish, and boardgames.  Dillon has posted a personal statement here.

Erin Danielson – Erin is a former student at lifewithoutschool. She has been continuously engaged with unschooling since 2007. Her longterm and current interests include gender studies, social justice, music theory, and women in music. And cats. Erin has a personal statement here.