Terms and Agreements for the Minecraft Servers

These are family-friendly servers. Language and themes need to stay appropriate for all ages.

Goodness is a core value. Unauthorized use, modification, or destruction of other players’ possessions and/or creations may be cause for removal from the servers.

Each player is responsible for activity on his/her account. (If someone other than the person who owns an account uses it inappropriately, the consequence still falls on the owner of the account.)

Players should have no expectation of privacy on the servers. The server automatically logs in-game chat.

We will refund remaining paid full months only. We will not refund partial months.

We may remove or restrict creations that cause excessive lag on the server (e.g. some redstone builds).

Players should have no expectation of permanence for their creations. Although the servers are backed up daily, a software malfunction or other error may partly or fully destroy the world.

We allow a 7 day grace period for unpaid accounts. We will hold builds and creations for unpaid accounts for 3 months. After that, we may reset and reclaim world space, removing builds and other creations. Paid, but unused accounts are fine.